Sheep Nutrition

The Spencer Ag Center sheep feeding program offers a full line of products from mineral for sheep on pasture, to the first creep feed for baby lambs. If you have any questions, give us a call and one of our employees, with experience feeding sheep, will be happy to discuss the program with you.
Our sheep program begins with lamb feeding. To get lambs off to a good start, begin feeding Rumi PreStarter meal when lambs are around 10 – 14 days of age. Once lambs are off to a good start eating the Rumi PreStarter they can be switched to Wooly Starter/Grower. Feed this until the lambs are around 6-8 weeks of age or 40-50 lbs. The third stage of feed is a ration of 36% Rumi-mix Pellets mixed with corn. Depending on what you want for the protein level you can alter the amount of 36% Rumi-mix Pellets you use.
Usually, weaning time is more stressful for lambs. Keeping stress as low as possible during weaning is crucial. Some things to remember that can lower stress and increase performance are:
1)      Do not drastically change the lambs’ diet for two weeks before or two weeks after weaning. Size of lambs will determine whether you switch from Wooly Starter/Grower to the 36% Rumi-mix Pellets with corn before or after weaning.
2)      Vaccinations, castrating, worming, tagging, etc. should not be done around weaning time.
3)      When weaning, it is important to remove the ewes from the lambs. Keeping lambs in familiar surroundings is best to keep stress as low as possible.
4)      Watch lambs closely for health problems during this time of adjustment to make sure they are not falling behind at the feeder.
Once the ewes go to pasture make sure to keep Sheep Mineral 2:1 available.
If you have any concerns, Spencer Ag Center has staff available to help you with your health or feed questions.