Cattle Services in Spencer, IA

Teamwork! That's what Spencer Ag Center offers and results is what our producers receive. Whether margins are thin or healthy, Cattle Producers need to make the most of every dollar they spend. Spencer Ag Center has a team of Nutritionists, Veterinarians and Field Marketers that work together for optimal herd health, faster gains and a healthy bottom line. With one phone call to Spencer Ag Center, you'll have the people, products and a plan for a streamlined operation.

Sales Service Team

  • Standardized and custom balancers and minerals

  • Wide variety of customizable calf creeps

  • Unique ingredient profile diet designs

  • ingredient and commodity procurement fo by-products and forageĀ 

  • Feedlot monitoring and record keeping services

  • Consultation with PhD nutritionists

Expert assistance in planning expansion or new construction