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Three Golden Rules of Colostrum Feeding 02/24/12 10:01:17 AM

Three Golden Rules of Colostrum Feeding 1. Quickly Two trends that significantly reduce passive transfer start at calving, one in the dam and one in the newborn calf. Firstly, colostrum formation ceases at calving and any delay in the time of milking results in a drop in Ig concentration in the available colostrum (Chelack, et

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Day 1 Feeding of Colostrum to Prevent FPT 02/24/12 10:16:34 AM

Day 1 Feeding of Colostrum to Prevent Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) The objective is to achieve the highest possible level of IgG in the calf’s blood so as to prevent “Failure of Passive Transfer” or FPT. FPT occurs when a calf has less than 10g of IgG per liter of blood (<10g/L) when it

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Mycoplasma bovis added to Zactran label 04/13/12 11:11:18 AM

       Mycoplasma bovis added to ZACTRAN® (gamithromycin) label DULUTH, GA – April 2012 – Today, Merial announced ZACTRAN® (gamithromycin), Merial’s rapid-response weapon in the battle against Bovine Respiratory Disease (BRD) in high-risk cattle, is now approved for the treatment of Mycoplasma bovis.1 M. bovis is an infectious agent associated with clinical cases of BRD, which

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